PawStars provides a safe and loving experience for your pets while you’re away.

Whether it is just for a long work day or for an extended vacation, our team of professional and well-trained staff will care for your pets like they are our own. We are all animal lovers and understand how important peace of mind is while you are away.

Our “Clip n’ Clean” pampering services include pet bathing and nail trims. You can easily add-on this service to your pet’s experience at PawStars. Click here for more info on our pet grooming services!

A Welcome Message From Tom Hawickhorst

Being a life-long dog lover and having a dog growing up, I was always frustrated that I had a career which required extensive travel and made it impossible for me to have a dog at home. When I took a job in Jacksonville which required no travel, the first thing I did was to search for my perfect dog and I ended up adopting Riley from the Lab Rescue Group of North Florida the same day I moved into my house. Feeling guilty about leaving her alone during the day while I was at work, I searched out a daycare facility for her to enjoy a couple days a week. After quickly seeing the benefits of dog daycare the idea for PawStars was born.  The next couple years were spent researching and putting together a plan for PawStars.

During this time, I became heavily involved with the Labrador Retriever Rescue Group of Florida and volunteered my time to helping out the group and fostering dogs as they waited for their forever homes. And as many foster parents know, it’s not always easy to give up a dog you have been fostering. I realized that quickly, and after a few months, Riley inherited a 6-month-old brother, Murphy.

Once I officially ended my career as an accountant, I devoted my time to making sure PawStars would provide a safe, fun and caring environment for my canine guests. And having been in the corporate world for almost 14 years, I learned that the key to any successful organization is having good, committed and caring employees. When you talk with our staff at PawStars, you will quickly realize they all have a passion for dogs and are very knowledgeable in how to care for the dogs.

Tom Hawickhorst
Owner, PawStars Pet Care