Add training to your Dog’s Day!

PawStars and Connor Lawrence Dog Training are now offering day training for daycare and boarding clients. Included are all the regular benefits of daycare or boarding, plus training sessions with Connor. Your dog will have a well-rounded day consisting of both physical and mental exercise.

Our three session package will teach your dog basic obedience skills. Video clips from training sessions are included so you can see your dog’s success and how he or she is being trained.

After the three sessions are complete, we offer a free 30 minute transition session with you (at PawStars or in your home) to teach you how to use the training your dog has learned.

Minimum Package (3 days) Pricing:

Daycare and training:          $270 ($90/day, 3 days)

Boarding and training:        $306 ($102/day, 3 days)

The following behaviors will be taught to your dog under simple distractions:

  • Come when called
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Wait for food bowl and at doorways
  • Name recognition
  • “in” crate if desired (dog will enter crate on command)

Problem behaviors are very difficult to train in just a few days and without owner participation. The behaviors offered above are what we can promise to teach in three days to proficiency. If you have more training needs, Connor can set up at-home appointments with you and help with whatever issues you might have with your dog.

Connor Lawrence Dog Training

Puppy Play ~n~ Learn    Created and taught by Maggie Marshall

These classes are every Saturday from 9:30-10:30 am and held outdoors; we offer a pool for the pups, so dress accordingly and bring a towel! The focus is healthy socialization by providing supervision, intervention, and positive experiences for you and your puppy. You will learn canine body language, basic obedience cues, what is play and what is not, how and when to intervene, how to coach your pup through developmental fear periods, and much, much more! Written information is offered to support each class and can be emailed to you, or can be found in the Files section of the Facebook Group: “Registered Participants of Puppy Play n Learn.” You may drop in once or come every week until your puppy is 6 months.

Cost is $20 per puppy/per class and registration is REQUIRED, preferably by 7 pm the night before! Call Maggie at 904-442-5923 or Click on the link to register.

All you need to do is give Maggie your name, email, phone and puppy info. Proof of shots is required. You can send a copy or bring it in for us to see the day of class. But remember! Puppies with limited shots can still be safely socialized. We accept puppies from 9 weeks to 6 months in this class.

Maggie primarily teaches private, in-home training and the cost can be too much for some dog owners to pay. Her Puppy Play ~n~ Learn  class is a great opportunity to get her training assistance for a fraction of her hourly rate and learn a lot! Maggie has two dog training certifications and recently won Best Trainer in Jacksonville by Jacksonville Magazine.